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Marion's Plants

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Posted by srEDITOR
This is a story about Marion Hostetter and her love for plants.

I don't know where her love for plants came from, but I have photographs of her as a young girl/woman from back in the early 1900's somewhere close to the Hershey Chocolate Pant or their theme park.

In the background of that photo, are lots of plants, so I don't know if she worked at caring for those plants or if her love for them came later in life, but I do know that as pre-teens, my brother and I would travel around 600 miles "alone" on a train so that we could spend the summer with my grandparents.

I also remember my astonishment at how my grandmother would surround the entire border of her "city" property with plants of all types, plus she had a fish pond that was also surrounded by plants of different types.
As a boy, I was not very interested in plants, however my grandparents also had a farm in the country where they grew blueberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, string beans, cucumbers, peas, sweet corn, and many other types of vegetables.

But vegetables, were not the only things they grew. They also raised chickens and beef for their kitchen table and of course my grandmother has a special place on the farm where she grew all types of plants.

I have no idea what any of those plants were, but later in life when I was living with my grandparents as a teenage, I discovered that she would get down on her knees while wearing a long dress and dig up every plant that she had surrounding her city property and put them in clay pots, then set them on benches in the sun room, that she had on the back of her home.

Of all the plants that she had, the only one I can really remember were the coleus and one special type of plant that would only bloom one “night” a year, however I forgot the name of it.

I have tried to research this plant but so far have not found the name of it. The only comments I remember about it, was that since my grandmother had a very strong Christian beliefs, there was supposed to be some type of religious lore about this plant and a symbolic relationship to Christ’s tomb.

As I stated, I did not get involved with her plants as a child, but as an adult, I find myself having a large sun room in my home and it is filled with all types of plants that I propagate. I also have a number of acres of land around my home where I grow a variety of shrubs, flowers, and trees.

So, I guess that simply by watching my grandmother and how her love of plants sustained her smiles, I have inherited that trait and find myself looking forward to my time alone caring for, raising and constantly learning more about plants.

I feel confident that she is in Heaven smiling down as she watches me care for and about my plants, including my coleus.
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