Thank You

We wish to thank ALL of the kind hearted individuals that have donated their Time, Talents, Knowledge, Love, Nickles, Dimes and Dollars to help support the many LEGACIES we have captured and preserved over the last 25+ years, as well as the ones will will continue to capture and preserve, for many years to come.

This includes:

  • The individuals that have READ our LEGACIES and learned about the lifestyles, love, sweat and sacrifices made by those who helped build this world.

  • The KEYBOARD VOLUNTEERS that have donated their time to type, edit or proofread articles.

  • The ARTISTIC VOLUNTEERS that have donated their time, knowledge and talents to help scan, identify and/or upload the photographs that will show future generations what life and this world once was.

  • The TECHNICAL VOLUNTEERS that have donated their time, experience and love, in order to create the layouts that are used on the websites, books and videos.

  • The INTERVIEWERS that volunteer their time and love, to go out into the nursing homes, senior citizen centers, family reunions, and historical societies, in order to interview and capture the knowledge, memories and stories from the citizens in their communities.

  • The Bikers and other groups that organize Rides and other types of Fundraisers, to help pay for the web servers, domain names, and printing/publishing costs of books we donate.

  • ALL of the kind hearted individuals that offer financial donations in return for Biker Shirts and other Gear, Yard Signs that promote the Preservation of Farm Land, as well as the physical donations of old family photographs, recipes, letters, diaries and other priceless treasures that can be donated to distant or future relatives.

May God Bless You ALL, for the gifts you have offered in the past, present and future. Because those acts of LOVE will touch the hearts, minds and souls of so many lives Today, Tomorrow and for many years to come.


© Copyright FTW 6/25/23