This article was written by someone that has been researching “Genealogy” for over 50 years. It is because of spending a lifetime looking for answers about other peoples lives, trying to find out what happened during the hyphen that exists between the day they were born and the day they died, that I am writing this article.


Over these many years of research, I have learned just how important it can be for every person over the age of 60 to share the information they have learned in life, especially the knowledge they have, about the lives, personalities, jobs, and character of their parents, grandparents, mentors and others that had a major influence on your life.


As you look back over your lifetime, what would you consider the most important thing you have accomplished, that will have a positive effect on future generations?


Is it how much money you made? If it is, how has that money made life better or happier for future generations? Who helped you gain the knowledge needed to make that money? Who was responsible for you even being born?


Is it how hard your worked at your job? If it is, how has your job made life easier or better for future generations? Who helped you gain the work habits needed to work that hard? Who were the people responsible for you being born?


Is it something you invented or created that will make life easier for others? Do you realize that “creativity” is a gift that is passed down from one generation to another, and many times that gift may even skip a generation or two.


Is it someone you mentored, taught or inspired to do things that will make live better or easier for future generations? If it is, did you ever stop to realize who taught or inspired you to become a mentor or teacher? Did you know that “teacher or mentor” trait is a gift of “caring” that got passed down in the genes from a previous generation?


Is is someone you parented or raised that has contributed to the future of the world by passing on the lessons of life, they learned from you? And who did you learn those lessons from? A thirst for knowledge is another gift that you inherit from your ancestors. And even if all of your own children do not inherit that gift, their children or grandchildren may and that can have a positive influence on many many future generations and the entire world.


The bottom line is what will remain of your existence, here on Earth, once you are gone?


The answer to that question can only be truthfully answered by you or the individuals that will still be here after you are gone.


Now, lets switch the question around and instead of using the word YOU in each of those questions, replace it with the names of your parents or grandparents. Was there anything positive they taught you, either by the words they spoke or the actions they performed?


As you think about your ancestors, remember that none of us are perfect. Life is like a game of chess where no one has ever played a perfect game. The winner is always the person that makes the least number of mistakes or the least serious mistakes.


Therefore, when thinking about other people and knowing that no one is bad ALL of the time, nor are they good ALL of the time, what were the positive things you learned or accomplished as a direct result of watching or listening to your parents, grandparents, teachers or mentors?


Many of us evolve as we get older and if there is one piece of knowledge that is unique to each one of us, it is “information” about the people that raised you, fought beside you during combat, mentored you, or taught you how to read this article.


So, if you have any “unique” information about anyone else that you have ever been in contact with, and especially if that person has already passed away, wouldn’t it be your responsibility to document that information, so that others can learn the same type of lessons?


Also remember that even if you don’t have any children of your own, you did have grandparents and great grandparents and even great great grandparents, so there are many distant cousins around the world that may be looking for that “link” in their family tree from someone they inherited a “special gift or gene” from.


It is not just about biology. It is also about what you heard, saw, smelled, tasted, and felt. Think about all of the senses that help a new born baby learn. Those same senses have continued to teach you things your entire life.


As a result, each person over the age of 60, has enough knowledge inside them, to write an entire book. A very valuable book that could contain special information about the lives, personalities, physical appearance, jobs, voice, habits, etc, of siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, childhood friends, etc.


If you decide to write down any memories, we would encourage you to give a printed copy to your adult children and possibly even share a digital copy with distant cousins.


We would also like to ask you to send us a copy that we can store and preserve, “free of charge,” for future generations.


Thank You

Franklin T. Wike, Jr.


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