The following documents are FREE for all NON-COMMERCIAL use ONLY.

We invite any individual to download and use these documents to record, share and preserve PERSONAL family memories, so that future generations can learn about who you are as a person, as well as memories of your life and others you have known.

Once you have documented or recorded your memories and stories, we would like to encourage you to send us a digital copy including images, via email or by using the contact forms on our websites.

Please be advised that for security reasons, we will NOT display any personal or confidential information on our websites or in our books, relating to individuals that are still living and could be used to cause them financial or emotional problems.

Thank you and please contact us with any questions you may have.

Basic Interview Questions: A PDF File containing a generic set of questions for interviewing an elderly person. This is compiled primarily for recording a family history and childhood memories.


Combat Vet Interview: A PDF File containing specific questions relating to time spent before, during and after their military service during wartime.


Family Member of Wartime Veteran: A PDF File containing specific questions relating to information obtained about a loved one that served in the military during any war.


Family Tree Chart: A Free family tree chart to assist you in documenting your basic relatives and passing along to your grandchildren.



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